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How Should the Garden Fence be Maintained?

Oct. 15, 2020

As a Yard Gate Manufacturer, share with you. I believe you all know the application of road guardrail. Meanwhile, the road guardrail plays an important role in road safety and beautification. Because some road barriers are used outdoors, it is inevitable that there are windy and rainy days, so corrosion or damage is normal, and the service life may be a little shorter than that of indoor fence gates. Therefore, it is necessary to protect outdoor road barriers.

5 Bar Gates

5 Bar Gates

The life of the road barrier is determined by different materials. It is usually galvanized, aluminized, galvanized and plastic, and these years are 5 to 10 years. Now, there are also highway guardrail nets, which are made of low-carbon steel wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, which have the characteristics of sensitive assembly and strong durability. 

No matter what kind of material fence is used, it can only be up and down to extend their lives. It is necessary to check the status of the fence regularly, repair damaged gates, and paint protection time.

Generally speaking, the quality of road barriers can be used for more than 15 years. In order to reduce costs and produce the quality of isolated power grids, some fence manufacturers often cannot use them for 3-5 years. Therefore, when buying road fences, you should choose manufacturers, and you must not buy inferior road fences for cheap products.

Garden guardrail:

The first advantage is that it is not easy to rust, and the electrophoretic layer imitation enamel technology disposes of formative coatings, no matter what environment the zinc steel guardrail is not easy to rust;

The second advantage is environmentally friendly and self-cleaning. The black polyester powder coating used in garden guardrails makes the guardrail products have outstanding self-cleaning function. The surface of the goods is bright and does not stick to dust. It can be bright as new when washed by rain and sprayed with a water gun;

The third advantage is that the color is better than the rainbow. The garden guardrail is made of Akzo Nobel powder coating, which is bright and durable, and can be combined in any combination to meet the needs of users for color planning;

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