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What is the Way to Keep the Outer Layer of the Iron Fence for a Long Time?

Dec. 15, 2020

As a Yard Gate Manufacturer, share with you.

How to keep the outer layer of iron fence for a long time:

1. The iron fence needs to be sanded, polished, and finally sprayed with anti-rust paint.

2. The surface of the iron fence is preferably pickled.

3. Clean the outer layer of the iron fence regularly. It is best to use soft cotton cloth for dust removal.

4. Pay attention to moisture. As acid rain is raging in most areas of our country in recent years, the rainwater remaining on the iron fence should be wiped off immediately after the rain. Although it is a bit troublesome, this trick is very useful. The outer layer of the wrought iron fence can be protected from damage.

5. Anti-corrosion, try to avoid acidic and alkaline chemicals from contacting the surface of the iron fence.

Garden Iron Fence

Garden Iron Fence

When we install the wrought iron fence, in order to ensure its stability, it needs to be reinforced. Let us see what are the reinforcement steps of the wrought iron fence.

1, first check whether the fixation of each connection point in the assembly is firm, if there is any looseness, make a mark this time;

2. Reinforce the marked connection points one by one, and then strengthen the rigidity of the entire fence with a span of 3.6 meters;

3. According to site conditions, if necessary, the number of steel columns can be increased, so that the firmness of the entire fence and ground beams is greatly enhanced;

4. During the fence reinforcement process, the inclination of the fence must be adjusted by pulling the wire;

5. Remove the collapsed fence and re-install the construction.

The above are its reinforcement steps. I hope that the above knowledge can help everyone to install better. At the same time, there are many small details that need our attention during construction.

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